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Every great business starts with a great idea. From there you grow your network, shape your image, and reach your target audience. To truly excel, businesses need a marketing strategy. And to bring that to life, they need dedicated marketers who know what works and who can track, measure and optimize your efforts. 

Hiring a trained, outsourced marketing team can help you create consistent campaigns and get you the results you want. 

The Importance of Marketing

Stop and ask yourself these questions: 

  • What do our sales goals look like? 
  • Is my team well-versed in the changes to my industry? 
  • Do I know what my competitors are doing, or what they plan to do?
  • What’s the best way to communicate with my customers?

Maybe you haven’t had time to think about these questions. Or maybe you have one or two things figured out but not all of them. And even if you do know the answers, are you sure they’re the right ones? That’s where an outsourced marketing team can help.

It’s always possible for something to be forgotten in the busyness of daily work. Impending deadlines, internal staff changes, and client questions can all derail a team’s efforts to work on their marketing. Because of this, some companies will hire an in-house marketing coordinator who will oversee their entire strategy. But this is a band-aid over a serious wound. There are so many moving parts in a marketing strategy. It’s unrealistic to expect one person to juggle it all. 

The word "outsourcing" overlayed on a scene of a marketing team working

In contrast, an outsourced marketing team is prepared to tackle these questions and effectively manage large-scale projects. The team can develop and implement new strategies that will increase brand awareness for your company while improving your sales. Want to know the best part? People with varied experiences and expertise have been hired to round out the overall knowledge of the team, preparing them for any challenge.

The “Many Hats” of Marketing 

If you still think hiring in-house makes the most sense, take a second to reflect on the hypothetical job description for that role. You would need someone who could:

These are just 
some of the things that you would have to include in your list of requirements. It’s unrealistic, to say the least. All of these are separate skills, developed by people in varying positions. Organizing campaigns, performing marketing trend research, and communicating with clients, for example, are tasks for a marketing director. This is completely separate from tracking data and performing keyword research, which is the work of a digital marketing specialist. Not to mention HTML and other coding languages are the specialty of developers. And while both are in the creative industry, writing and graphic design are completely separate skills. 

When you hire an in-house marketing specialist, you’re asking them to perform the jobs of five people at minimum. Depending on how strategic you want your campaigns to be, this number could increase. Basically, you’re asking a single person to do the work of a whole team of specialists. They’re going to be tap-dancing out of control between their many roles just to get one email campaign out. 

How many people do you know who can handle the stress of working so many roles? And, realistically, how many people do you know who have all of the aforementioned skills? 

Even if your in-house marketer had most of these skills, they’d likely only have a basic grasp on each one. The success of your campaigns would rely on the waning mental fortitude and scattered skills of one very overworked marketer.

Teams Create Stronger Campaigns 

At MPSToolbox, we’ve come to realize that our resilience, accomplishments, and the success of our campaigns are all the result of support and collaboration. There are members of our team who love connecting and meeting new people, while others prefer the solitude of creative work. Some take an analytical approach, while others visualize the future. 

Team of coworkers collaborating on marketing strategies

With in-house marketing, there’s always the possibility that something will be missed. Tasks are rushed, your employee is stressed, and the product suffers as a result. An outsourced marketing team has the time, knowledge, and support necessary to complete tasks on time and to produce the best results. Each step of a campaign will be looked after and no details will fall through the cracks. 

Outsourced marketing can help you achieve your goals, while also showing you where improvements in your workflow can be made. Letting leads fall by the wayside? Marketing teams, like ours, can help your team take better advantage of these sales opportunities. We can show you the best strategies and outline upgrades that can be made to your site to gain more prospects. 

Want to start working with a great marketing team? Contact us and let’s talk strategy!

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