With over 20 years spent in office technology, business productivity software, software development and architecture, I am always thinking about business optimization and simplification that drives profit. Give me a marker and a white board and I’m in my glory, mapping out software strategy.

As the founding president and CEO of PrintFleet, I was fortunate to be leading development of software that, at the time, would transform our industry. In the independent software vendor category, PrintFleet was the leader, and I had the privilege of working with hundreds of dealer owners, helping them transition their businesses to a managed print focus. It was an exciting time.

Fast forward (almost) ten years later. Where are we now with MPS?

  • Revenue opportunities are shrinking
  • Program costs are high
  • Only a fraction of customer accounts are actually managed under MPS contracts
  • Profit margins are tight

This is why I developed MPS Toolbox: to address the above problems and pain points (and because I have a hard time sitting still).

MPS Toolbox is designed to help dealerships increase profits and revenue through the use of some powerful tools we’ve been building over the past several years. In addition to the tools, MPS Toolbox will provide some straightforward thinking and proven methods of maximizing profits and revenue - a bit of a one-two punch of robust technology and sales expertise.

Our industry has been focused on “magic” when it comes to software, processes, and products. Often, these ‘solutions’ will have you change almost everything your dealership does, and that’s why they fail. When corporate culture and strategy fight, culture always wins. There are plenty of little things you can choose to do, or not do, that make the difference. Based on what I’ve seen at the hundreds of dealerships, OEMs, and distributors I’ve worked with over the years, I aim to offer you my thoughts and experiences that will address common speed bumps and roadblocks, resulting in lost sales and profits for dealers. I’ll also provide some fresh approaches that can make a difference in your program and sales strategy along the way.

At its core, MPS Toolbox is based upon much of this thinking. It provides simple tools that help leverage some of the software and processes you’ve already invested in, to help you maximize those investments and increase sales and profits. It’s deliberately straightforward to understand and use, and for those that know me, my personality will be visible throughout my work. Yes, I am opinionated! I also like to have fun, entertain, and be entertained. Intrigued? Let’s get started and explore the opportunity together.

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