2015: The year of the revenue harvest

It’s no secret: OEMs are reporting declines in print volumes and lower revenues from their traditional business.

This means that it’s time to move your sales strategy away from one reliant on expensive sales reps to generate “new opportunities,” to one that allows you to pinpoint opportunities in your current account base through analytics.

Harvesting your accounts through improved analytics is your best opportunity to increase revenue and generate higher profits. The best part is you already have (almost) all of the tools you need to get started.


Join Norm McConkey for a Revenue Harvesting Discussion on Wednesday, January 21, 2:00 – 3:00 pm EST.

Norm will show you how to:

  • Look at current accounts you have today and pinpoint which devices can be replaced that will instantly lower your monthly supplies and service costs per page.
  • Identify which devices within a fleet are candidates for retirement, and upgrading.

Most importantly, Norm will show you how to turn these analytics into program proposals and executable contracts.
You should attend this session is you are a:

  • Business owner that is looking to change your sales and marketing approach in 2015.
  • Sales manager who would like to generate new leads and sales targets within your current account base.
  • Service manager that would like to identify quickly which devices should be placed under service contract and which should be designated as “do not service; replace when they fail.”

Harvest 100% Locally Grown Revenue, Quality Guaranteed

Register for the exclusive webinar "2015: The Year of the Revenue Harvest ," hosted by Norm McConkey on January 21, 2015, 2:00 PM EST
*Disclaimer: if you are confident that your profits and revenue for 2014 were trending up, please disregard this message. No need to attend this webinar. If not, this 1-hour session will give you some great insight into strategies that can affect change in your business 2015.