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You’ve got 30 seconds. That’s how long it takes a website visitor to decide if they will stay on your site or go somewhere else. Customers and prospects are making an evaluation on whether your site can provide them with what they are looking for. If you sell technology, there is a good chance they have come looking for some specific help. Which toner goes with their printer? Which laptop should they buy for an employee? Can these answers be obtained from your website today, quickly, inside of that 30 second window?

    Minimizing the amount of steps (clicks) your website visitors must go through to find what they are looking for, is critical to their user experience and to your ability to convert their visit into a sale.  Here are three quick tips to help you create the best user experience for your customers and more sales conversions from their visit to your website:

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    1. Buy a stopwatch. If you consider the top five or six things a visitor might want to do on your website, set a timer and see how long it will take them to action these things. If, for example, I want to buy a toner for my printer, it should take no longer than 30 seconds. Notice I say, “buy” not “find”? Forcing a customer to “go offline” to buy puts a speed bump in your sales road. Search, select, and buy is the mantra for your website experience. Hardware selection should be the same thing. How do you present your product line? Can visitors ‘self select’ the products that fit their requirements? All too often the logic employed by websites is to make the visitor feel like selecting the right product is an impossible task and requires calling a sales person. Don’t believe it’s possible to self select a printer? Check out this reseller who is doing just that to see how it can work. 



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    2. Create interaction between your sales team, your customer, and your website. Every time a customer calls looking for a product, it’s a golden opportunity to create an online buyer. You should send them a link to the product they need, so the order may be placed online. Resist the temptation to take the order over the phone. By linking the customer to your website and the products they are seeking, you are exposing them to not only their immediate need, but to everything else they can easily buy from you. Online buyers' order sizes are 20% larger than offline buyers - yeah, that’s a pretty important statistic! 



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    3. Incent the first purchase. Do not focus on the profit of the initial sale for your customer. The lifetime value of that online buyer is what you are after. The number of online buyers you have is the most important determinant in the value of your company. Smart dealers create incentives for their sales people for each new online buyer they create.


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    Your sales team should be engaging with your website and using it as their #1 sales tool. It should be the hub of activity between customers and sales. It is not solely a lead generator or a virtual business card. Leads will come from your website if your sales people and customers see value in it. As we all know, success breeds success once your sales team:


         · gets used to a digital workflow that leverages your website;

         · see that the website makes order logistics easier;

         · realizes an increase in revenue and commission from online buyers


    Search, select, buy. Your website can do these three things and I can help you get there.


    Email me to set up a 45-minute overview to see how it works.


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