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For those in the technology industry, curiosity is your friend, but at times it can also be a curse. Your curiosity can lead you down a rabbit hole of ever-changing tech. Often you’ll find yourself there because your customers demand it of you. They rely on you to find trends, loopholes, keep up on the latest issues, and help them avert possible technology disasters. Sometimes though, ideas might run past you because they seem too basic. Maybe you even explored them at one point but concluded they weren’t right for you or your customers. I’ve noticed this is especially the case with e-commerce.

Everyone knows what e-commerce is. Search. Click. Buy. You do it in your personal life, and you likely do it for your business. The same is true for your customers. Businesses around the world buy all kinds of technology hardware and software every day. And they do this online. 

Right now, MSPs are missing out on important opportunities. Most aren't giving their customers a platform to make online purchases from, since so few have adopted the online store approach. This means that instead of coming to you, customers are driven away to competitor sites such as Amazon, CDW, or even to the technology sources themselves, like Apple or Dell. 

So, does your business need an e-commerce store? The answer is a resounding yes! 

Circle of technology products that can be sold online through an e-commerce store.

Just like you, customers prefer to buy online via e-commerce. Any other procurement method is cumbersome. Cumbersome things cost time. Time is money.

Take a step back and consider your business risk here:

  • Are you adding costs and wasting resources by tasking technical support staff to “shop” for customers and build manual quotes?

  • Are your customers getting frustrated because you force them to source products from other providers that default to e-commerce?

  • Can you guarantee that CDW won’t eventually offer a more sophisticated MSP solution?

  • Will Amazon and its subsidiary AWS ever connect the dots on their managed solutions?

CDW, Amazon, and Dell won’t make a big deal of you not having e-commerce. Why would they? They’re no doubt grateful that you keep driving business their way because you haven’t given customers an online purchasing option.

The fact that you haven’t implemented e-commerce yet could mean you have some concerns about e-commerce, such as:

  • How valuable is it? 

  • Can I make money selling technology online? 

  • Does e-commerce really fit with my business model?

Yes, we’ve heard those worries and more. 

Luckily, we have the answers! To better understand how e-commerce can benefit your business,  watch this five-minute video of the B2BToolbox’s pitch for ConnectWise’s Battle Royale (as part of their PitchIT program). 

Is it time to increase revenue and profits by implementing e-commerce? Let’s talk.

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