Who’s Been Swimming Naked?

I’m done with 2020 and I imagine you are too. But we all know life isn’t meant to be rainbows and butterflies. Instead, we got a year of Category 5 hurricanes and killer bees. We all know that life is not a linear progression to the top, right? I am not making light of what has been an unprecedented year—it has been a challenge and it has been life altering. 2020 changed the business environment forever. Many people lost jobs, businesses, or worse: loved ones. The imaging industry has been particularly hard hit.


Office printing was already in a period of decline. Covid accelerated the decline 4-5 years in the span of a few months. It hurt. But enough of that. If you are looking for a pity party, you’re at the wrong door. Want my take?

The industry had to go through this shake out. Better that it happen quickly, than in a slow decay.

As Warren Buffet once said, “Only when the tide goes out, do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Many in our industry that were struggling, are now gone. You’re still here. What now? How are you going to rebuild the business? Let’s be honest, is your business as essential to your customers as you thought it was? No? Well, let’s change that. It’s OK that this year has changed you. Use the lesson. Build a better business. Build a business that makes you irreplaceable to your customers. A business that offers you more stable ground in 2021 and beyond.

I bet in 2020 you realized how much you relied on e-commerce as a sort of essential service for home and work needs. Let’s make you an essential service to your customers in 2021.

One more thing. You got through this year because of your loving family or your wonderful friends, or both. Take some time to thank them, to reflect, and to spread holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings from our team at MPSToolbox.

Rest up. We’ve got some work to do in 2021. :-)