Norm Talks Industry Future with Other Industry Vets

Tigerpaw recently launched "Tiger Paw Radio", a podcast that shares industry news/trends, business growth strategies, and converged services. MPSToolbox's owner, Norm McConkey was a guest speaker on the recently aired episode "The Innovation Desert", alongside Greg Walters.

Norm: You could make an argument to say that there's been no innovation in cars since, let's say, 1929, if your definition is that that's a thing with four wheels, a steering wheel and some seats. Even when it comes to office printing, there's been a lot of technology changing what you get pound per pound, the price, the functionality of some of these devices, ink versus laser, A4 versus A3 multifunction. I think the big issue that I see is that people are not innovating based on the technology having changed. Other technologies have stopped us or reduced our printing significantly, but people aren't changing the way they're selling based on the new products that are out in the marketplace today.

Listen to the full episode here: