Processing Orders in Shopify


When an order comes in, the email set for Order Notifications (in Shopify Settings) will get a notification explaining that an order has been placed. Purchase Order notifications will be sent to the email address set as the Account Email in Shopify.
  • Credit Card -If an order is submitted as a credit card transaction, it will be automatically captured, processed and transferred into the All Orders tab in Shopify.
  • Purchase Orders -If an order is submitted as a Purchase Order (which most of your customers will likely be set up with), it will come through as a Draft Order in Shopify until you verify and confirm the order.


To process a PO, navigate to Orders > Drafts. Follow these step to successfully process a draft order:
1. Confirm all of the products/prices within the order.
2. Set a discount (if needed) and shipping rate. You can also see what taxes are being applied.


3. If you have already received payment > Mark as paid
4. If you are pending payment > Mark as pending



5. Marking it as pending will turn the draft order into an actual order. It will move the order from Drafts > All Orders. This is where you can send your customer fulfillment information and fulfill the order. By clicking Mark as Fulfilled you can enter the Tracking Number and choose the shipping carrier. The last step is to Fulfill Items and that will send your customer the tracking details. If you do not wish for your customer to receive a fulfillment notification (perhaps they’ve already received one through your ERP), then make sure the Notify Customer of Shipment box is deselected.



6. Once fulfilled, the final step is to Mark as Paid when you have received payment.