With the Changes in Print Technology, How Long Will it Be Before You Don’t Have an In-House Service Team? Quicker than you can imagine.
Service teams seem to be the “sacred cow” of the imaging industry. With so many service technicians recently laid off and rapidly dropping output volumes, along with the migration from service-intensive A3 MFPs to the extremely less service-intensive A4 MFPs, dealers must start exploring alternative service platforms. Service organizations such as Field Nation, Barrister, and LMS can provide service on a per-use basis. As dealers move more into Managed IT Services they will realize the reality of print services. Is print service really your differentiator? (Every company we talk to tells us it is, but if everyone thinks it is, it means it MUST NOT BE TRUE).

The future of the dealers will go far beyond print and now is the time to begin asking the questions which challenge all that once was thought to be unchallengeable.

In this webinar, Norm McConkey, Ray Stasieczko and Milton Bartley:

1. Discussed how to imagine a world where you aren’t limited to what you can sell based on your service team’s capabilities and what the implications of eliminating your field service team can look like.

2. Strategized and considered how this can work for businesses across the imaging channel.

3. Reviewed the steps you can take to slowly phase out and change the complexities of the 1990 print services business. The future will be created by those who change the game.

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